Enrico Puglisi

Enrico Puglisi has developed quite a name in the saltwater fly fishing world, not only in his unique and effective fly patterns, but also in the materials used to tie these beautiful flies. The demand was growing to the general public for accessing the patterns and materials, and without a complete distribution network, e-commerce was a sure win. Managing over 2,500 SKU’s was the challenge, and when the orders started piling up, we knew we needed to connect the channels as well as integrate with ERP systems to make this an efficient tool

Solution Highlights

  • Using Pagetree's e-commerce platform, build an all-in-one customer/dealer/wholesaler login where each "customer group" views their own pricing, limits, and promotions.
  • Custom built an added "materials list" to each fly pattern so that customers could see also all the materials and components needed to tie that particular pattern.
  • Using Pagetree's CMS, we built a private video subscription area of the site with auto-recurring and renewing subscription fees.


  • Less than 1% bounce rate on entire site
  • Visitors stay for an average of over 8 minutes
  • A clear improvement over traditional ordering channels for retailers and wholesalers, Enrico Puglisi is relying on it's website to run a larger part of their business.

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